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Vinyl Wrap

Give your car a completely new look while protecting the old one. Unlike paint-jobs, when properly installed, a Vinyl wrap can be removed quickly without damaging the original finish of the vehicle. Custom Driven offers a diverse range of vinyl finishes – from Gloss, Matte, Satin to specialty films like Flip colours and Chrome.

Premium films are conformed to the body lines of every specific shape, thus enhancing aesthetics and actually shielding original paint against stone-chips, abrasions and weathering, preserving future resale value. We are a team of highly trained professionals with many years of experience to carry out your chosen service.

High Quality Films

We work with only the best film brands in the market like Avery Dennison, 3m, Inozetek, Oracal, Hexis etc. Working with high-quality films is important as the finishes and durability are unparalleled. In addition, by using only high-quality films, our clients can rest assure that they will be getting the best product and finish.

Highly Trained Team

Our team of specialists have over 10 years of experience with body dismantling and reassembly. In addition, our certified vinyl installers have experience working with almost every kind of film possible. One of the most difficult parts of vinyl wrap is the installation and the detail required.


Our team of installers and designers have spent years perfecting the craft of wrap and design. Operating above industry standards, we take our wraps to the highest level. We are confident that our work will reflect this.

Quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) service by Custom Driven

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent urethane vinyl that protects your vehicle’s paint from everyday damages including scratches, scuffs, rock chips, and more. 

Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat

The film is an elastomeric polyurethane that will actually self-heal light scratches & swirl marks with a light heat application to the surface.

Discolouration & Stain Resistance

The films we use will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are seamless and stain resistant.

Wear & Tear Protected

One of the most painful moments is when you discover stone chips on your front bumper or paint from regular driving. Oftentimes we cannot prepare for the unexpectedness of road hazards, but PPF offers added assurance.


We use brands like Suntek, Xpel, GSWF who all offer 10 Year limited warranty on their films.

Custom Design service by Custom Driven

Custom Design

Really set yourself apart and stand out with a personalized design that we can build together. Unique projects and customized designs fuel our drive to create and inspire. Whether you are looking to personalize your vehicle, or create a fleet of matching vehicles for your business, we have you covered. With a strong team of graphic designers and car enthusiasts, let us help sculpt your vision into reality.

Wheel Caliper Painting service by Custom Driven

Wheel + Caliper Painting

Make your car pop with a simple change of colour. One of the most dramatic aesthetic changes to your vehicle that you can make other than with a wrap, is to paint your wheels and/or brake callipers.

Chrome Delete service by Custom Driven

Chrome Delete

Most cars straight from the dealership are equipped with chrome trims and accents. Often, these dealerships offer blackout packages which can be upwards of $2000. For a fraction of the cost, we can help “delete” all of the chrome from your vehicle with either gloss, matte, or satin black finishes.

Quality Tint service by Custom Driven


Block out the sun and unwanted attention with window tints. Our installers have over 10 years of experience with window tinting and the seamless finishes are a reflection of that. Using XPEL films, we can ensure the highest quality and durability.

Quality Ceramic Coating service by Custom Driven

Ceramic Coating

When you purchase a vehicle brand new from a dealership, you can expect the car to look almost perfect as there are several layers of clear coat that add depth, shine, and protection against the outer elements. However, the clear coat is highly susceptible to wear and tear which often results in a dull finish. To help enhance or preserve the finish of the paint or vinyl, the ceramic coating is not only going to do this, but it will also create a hydrophobic layer making it much easier to clean the surface as well.

Paint + Ceramic Coating

Prior to ceramic coating, we ensure that the surface is properly treated prior. Often a light paint correction is done to take out the majority of swirls and scuffs that come from everyday driving or mediocre car washes. Then we do a multi-layer coating using brands like Carpros, Gtechniq, Autoshield Graphene, and more. Afterwards, we do a hydrophobic test throughout the vehicle to ensure even coverage.

Vinyl + Ceramic Coating

Vinyl Wrapping your car is one way to protect the original paint, but what will protect the vinyl from weathering?
Ceramic coating vinyl is a sure way to enhance the finish and durability of the wrap. We highly recommend this for any gloss finishes, as it not only will prevent scuffs and scratches, but it will really enhance the pop in the finishes.

Quality Paint Correction service by Custom Driven

Paint Correction

Ever notice those nasty swirl marks on your car paint? Our professionals take the utmost care of your vehicle and revive that paint to life by taking away those swirl marks away leaving you looking brand new like it just came out of the dealership.